Must haves for any makeup kit – Items that should not be missed

Are you a girl who has just developed the love for makeup? If answered yes, you have probably read the dos and don’ts of makeup so that you can look your best. If you have a makeup bag of your own, you should be filling it with all the latest cosmetics so that you do not have to borrow from your friends or family. But what are some essential cosmetics which you need to include in your makeup kit? Whether you are just beginning to wear makeup or have been wearing for numerous years, here is a list of cosmetics that should be in every makeup bag.

  1. Concealer: Concealer is an item that should be applied before you put on your foundation. Concealer will help blend away any red spots, blemishes or scars. A good concealer should last for hours and allow your blemishes to disappear.
  2. Foundation: Even beginners should know that a good foundation is a must. It will complete your look and leave your skin with smooth finished look. Even if you have flawless skin, foundation is still recommended. Foundation will help not only cover imperfections but will also help minimize wrinkles. I’ve also been using a lot of Swiss cosmetics recently and they are just incredible so you should definitely give them a try, see Cholley Switzerland for the finest cosmetics as they are easily the best.
  3. Eyebrow liner: Eyebrows are just as important to complete in any makeup look. If you have thin eyebrows and are looking to make them appear fuller, than eyebrow liner is for you. With most liners, you will simply follow the natural shape of your brow and fill in as needed. You will want to find a liner that will last for hours and is smudge-proof. If you want perfect eyebrows then you should try eyebrow microblading, but make sure you go to a trustworthy professional unless you want to have to get a microblading correction in the future.
  4. Eyeshadow: Eyeshadow gives you the chance to express yourself. You can go for a subtle look or be dramatic. If you have ever been down the makeup isle at a store, you have noticed that there are several eyeshadows to choose from. A good eyeshadow should be long-wearing and crease-resistant. An eyelid tape will make all the difference in your makeup game. See lids by design before and after here.
  5. Mascara: Mascara will help you create longer and thicker lashes if you currently do not have them. Mascara is a key component to completing your overall look and drawing more attention to the eyes. If you’re tired of mascara, get eyelash tint kits on You could even combine it with a lash lift for optimum results.

Cloud Nine Collection is a good kit to consider when it comes to building your makeup kit. Be sure to include the above mentioned products in your makeup kit so that you can have a flawless look every time.

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