New York Fashion Week: What to Expect for 2013

New York Fashion Week: What to Expect for 2013

The New York Fashion Week is one of the biggest bi-annual events in New York. It’s one of the major fashion events which happen every year where the fashion industry meet to showcase new fashion, designs, embrace trends and so much more. In New York, the Fashion week happens twice; in February and September. In February 2013 the following are some of the things you should expect at the fashion week.

More designers and designs

The fashion week is one of the crucial events for fashion designers. In 2013, what you will not miss to see is a large number of fashion designers, displaying prototypes for their designs. This is not different, largely in part to the tradition of the New York Fashion Week. With trends going towards green, environmentally conscious fashion designs and prototypes should be expected. You should also look forward to economical fashion designs, especially with most places experiencing less than spectacular economics that reflect among the ordinary folk. These designs showcase what we are to expect from fashion in 2013 and what we will be able to buy from fashion stores such as Psyche.

Properly organised catwalks

One of the best highlights at the New York Fashion Show is the events’ catwalks. These catwalks feature some of the biggest fashion models in the city. You should also expect to see a number of foreign models, although more local, New York and LA models will grace the event. In fact, more and more people love the show because of the chic models that highlight different designs from different companies and fashion brands. They will be a crowd puller in 2013.


With the technological advancement of today, the New York Fashion Week Franchise will definitely borrow a number of pointers to implement their event. You should look forward to more elegance in the fashion event because most of it will be live on display. More larger than life displays on the silver screen, celebrity appearances and media journalists are expected to grace the event to ensure that you keep to it religiously.

Larger Crowd

With the New York Fashion week, people are going to be one of the biggest shows at the event. In 2013, the New York fashion week expects more crowds who will definitely grace the event. Americans love the show business and this event will match up to the expectations. Attendance will include industry luminaries and other fashion enthusiasts and those who are interested in the entertainment and hype around the event.

More mature designs

From many reviewers and designer highlights of the event in 2013, you should at least expect a sense of maturity in the designs compared to previous events. In the past, the show has been criticized for popularising trendy youthful designs at the expense of mature designs. Many industry analysts believe that the 2013 event will largely be a mature designs event and you should be prepared for a bigger showing to this end.

Overall, the New York Fashion Week has been hyped a lot in 2013. The above are just some of the things you should expect, for such a popular fashion event.

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