Out of the Box: Uncommonly Good Gift Ideas for the Hard to Please

Some people seem to have all the possessions one could ask for. Additionally, some people are just hard to please. Combine the two along with a need to purchase a gift around the holidays, and you have yourself a full-blown problem. You can gift Hampers by Design and customize the gift basket with person’s favorite items. In the next article are some great Corporate Gift Ideas for Employees.

However, having a good idea of the person’s passion and interests before going to the gift shop will make a big difference. For example, if your husband likes wearing perfume, then you can give him a vetiver cologne spray for men that he will instantly love. With a bit of creativity and a dose of guidance below, you can satisfy the most difficult of giftees.

Sports Tickets

Those with a lot of resources and money can buy what they like, yet they may not know about particular opportunities such as upcoming sporting events. So, it’s a great idea to purchase tickets to events featuring one’s favorite baseball, football, and basketball teams.

Lunch or Dinner

It’s the thought that counts. So regardless if a person can purchase their own lunch or dinner, taking them out and spending time with them is a sentiment they cannot attain alone. Do a bit of sleuthing and discover a person’s favorite places to dine. Make a reservation and surprise them with an invitation for an afternoon or a night out for your anniversary; include an anniversary floral arrangement to make the date even more memorable.

Movie and Snacks

Who doesn’t love a movie night combined with their favorite snacks? Inquire about a friend or family member’s preferred genre of film and rent a few DVDs. Taking the idea further, bring over a bunch of tasty snacks from the Canberra vending machines like candy, popcorn, and pizza to make the moment even more enjoyable and appreciated.

Bucket List

Each person has a bucket list filled with experiences they would like to have in life. This could be a skydive experience, driving a motorcycle, riding a horse, etc. However, whether due to laziness, hesitation, or not ‘finding the time,’ some never get around to doing all the things on the list. Memories from special experiences last a lifetime and can’t compare to material items like watches, ties, and banal gifts people receive.


Whether the recipient is a fashion forward women or a man who would love posing for portraits with his family, a professional photoshoot is a fun and unique gift for a person of any age. Whether they want to make it fun or formal, the portraits will serve as lasting memories of the present along with your devotion to them.


Married couples have DVDs, pictures, and other keepsakes from the wedding day but wedding Christmas ornaments are a unique way to remember an unforgettable day. Even better, ornaments are personalized so no two are alike. Purchase ornaments according to color, particular graphics, and more.

Cleaning Service

One may have the money to buy whatever, yet cleaning one’s house is always a chore. Therefore, schedule a cleaning service to come over and do a premium job of cleaning the gutters, mowing the lawn, or making the house spotless from top to bottom. Some take pride in doing their own chores but most would not mind taking a break from normal cleaning duties.

To make an impression on those who have everything, you must think outside the box and flex your creativity to come up with something truly unique.

Eva Pritchett is a full time personal concierge. She enjoys sharing her insights online. Her articles appear mostly on better living and shopping websites.

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