Oxygen Botanicals: Oxygenated products for your skin

The benefits of oxygen can be cited even by a layman. We know that oxygen is required to stay alive. As we grow older, our skin starts aging. Owing to a lot of stress and lifestyle upheavals, our skin tends to get tired, which shows up in form of wrinkles, flakiness, dullness, darkening, dark circles, sagging skin, and the list can go on. Formerly, the practice of oxygen skin care started with topical application and was used to cure and heal burns. However, over the years, the concept of oxygen skin care (even drugstore brand Boots No 7 has a cream that puts oxygen into the skin) has taken a different dimension altogether. Of late, the markets are flooded with oxygen botanicals products.

Natural oxygen is required by all the cells in our body. Remember, unstable oxygen forms mean free radicals, which is different from natural oxygen. The main role of oxygen in skin care is due to the fact that it increases metabolism of skin cells. With ageing, oxygen levels in our facial tissues decline. This reduces blood circulation in the face and makes the skin look dull. However, thanks to the unique oxygenated products from Oxygen Botanicals that have catered to this problem and found a solution for all skin types, thereby rejuvenating the skin from within. You’ll probably heard the phrase “beauty should be found inside out” well, in you’ll find something that will help you achieve that beauty naturally.

Oxygen skin care revolutionized

There are many beauty products that contain oxygen but these are made up of oxygen that is “chemically derived”. However, when you are using products from Oxygenated Botanicals, you know you are being offered products made from natural ingredients. Oxygen Botanicals is perhaps the first skin care company that has used oxygen in their products that is not derived chemically. You will find several other beauty products that contain oxygen from other skincare lines but in them the oxygen is derived by means of a chemical reaction, which can bleach the skin and also dehydrate the skin and deprive it of its moisture. But this company has revolutionized the manner in which oxygen is used in the skincare products. Oxygen contained in containers is dispersed at regular intervals in a 24 hour cycle. And the benefits are manifested only with 2 applications daily.

The skin care products used by Oxygen Botanicals after extensive research and development make use of different vitamins and botanical extracts that are used as ingredients in the skin care products used for rejuvenating the skin and delaying ageing. Most importantly, the ingredients that are used are of “pharmaceutical grade”.

How will you derive optimum result from oxygen skin care products? Even if you are using oxygenated products for your skin, the effectiveness of the product will depend on few factors like the duration for which the product is applied and the exact amount that has to be applied. Any deviation may not yield the best result. For instance, if you apply the product on the skin and keep it for a longer time, you will get better results. Also, the right amount of the product has to be used. Too much application will result in clogged pores and as a result of which the product will fail to penetrate evenly. Oftentimes, these skin rejuvenating products are used in tandem with foundation that facilitates penetration of the moisturizer deep inside the epidermis and gives it an instant suppleness.

In order to create these unique products, Oxygenated Botanicals hired the services of a team of professionals (scientists engaged in bio molecular stream) and conducted extensive research to churn out the best product possible that contains natural oxygen. Another unique measure that the team of scientists developing various oxygenated skin care products developed was the concept of “Time Release” technology. From time to time the oxygen will be delivered into your skin. Also, they are available in catezome structures, which are regarded as an advanced liposome delivery system. Referred to as Bio-Enviro technology, this latest skin care technology has become popular as it takes utmost care of the skin and repairs even the most damaged of all skin types and conditions. 

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