Personalised Gift Ideas For Any Occasion

It can be exhausting, constantly trying to think of new unique gift ideas for every family member and friend who has a wedding, birthday, anniversary or other special occasion which requires a present. Each time you want the gift you get them to be special, it needs to be personal, useful and something they really appreciate such as personalized note pads or custom imprinted wall calendars. This collection of gifts for expecting mothers will surely bring them to tears. It is not always easy knowing what items a friend or family is in need of so sometimes the safest and best option is to go for a personalised gift or unique items on you can find on Shoppok. Below are some ideas for gifts that suit a variety of people.


Cook a Meal

This isn’t recommended for your fussy eater friends but if you have a friend or family member who loves their food, why not show off your culinary skills and cook them a meal planned to their personal preference. You could try your hand at a cuisine that they have shown a particular fondness for or if they are interested in trying new and leftfield foods try something completely different.

Photo-printed Products

We are all taking more photographs these days but what are we doing with all the pictures? Websites such as Zippi are on a mission to ensure we make the most of our snaps. The great photo gifts from Zippi allow you to get great images printed onto mugs, iPhone skins, coasters and other products. So if you have any pics of the two of you together or images that conjure up special memories this is a great gift.

Experience Gifts

Experience gifts, i.e. days or nights out, sky diving, theatre tickets or something in between, are fantastic for people who don’t have the type of hobbies which make gift buying easy. Websites such as Virgin Experience Days have plenty of ideas from enjoying a meal at the top of London’s iconic Shard building to adopting an animal. There are all sorts of ways you can make these personal to the person you are buying for.


DIY Candles

If you are up for putting in that little extra effort, DIY candles are not difficult to make and show that amount of thought which will please your friend or family member. To personalise the present to the recipient, get their favourite fragrant oil to mix with the wax so that their preferred scent will remind them of you from now on.

Instagram Canvas Print

There are various websites which specialise in printing Instagram photos onto canvas, Zippi, mentioned above, run this digital printing solutions service among others. Find your friends favourite Instagram pictures and get them framed in interesting ways.

A Hamper

A hamper of products from their favourite shop, a selection of their preferred beauty products or just a bunch of things that are special to the both of you makes a fantastic present. Especially when packaged in a creative way.

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