Pet Car Safety

Few things get your four-legged friend as excited as a jingle of the car keys. But as most pet owners quickly realize, the car can be a perilous place for Fido. Frequent starts, stops and turns can leave your pet vulnerable to injury while riding with you in the car. Pets loose in the car can also be a distraction for a driver which isn’t a safe situation for anyone on the road. It’s just as important to protect your pet during car rides as it is to buckle your seat belt when you turn on the ignition. There are also reliable car towing companies you can call in case you find your vehicle unable to go further.

One option for protecting your pet while in the car is to confine them to a smaller space like the cargo area. If your car has a trunk instead of a cargo hold, consider confining your pet to the back seat to minimize their interference with your driving. There are several types of partitions on the market designed to reinforce the border between where your pet is confined and the front seat. These type of restraints can be placed between the front and back seats, or between the cargo area of your vehicle and the back seat to keep your dog in place. Bring chew toys for kittens to keep your pet occupied.


Smaller dogs could benefit from a dog booster seat. These products anchor to your car much like a child safety seat. The seating area for your dog is typically a fabric-covered box or basket in which they seat, usually fastened to the seat by some kind of attachment to their collar. The seats keep your dog from wandering around the car and safely seated within the confines of the booster seat. Dog car harnesses are another option for your pet in the car. These products anchor your dog to a rear seat belt by attachment to his collar. They work to keep your dog safely in one place and in the back seat. If you have a puppy, you can read here for information on puppy training.


There’s also cbd for dogs to help calm your furry friend. You can also find dog seat covers on the market which do a little bit of everything. These covers attach to the front seat headrests and the back seat headrests creating a taco shell shape in the back seat. This cover protects your seats from your dog’s claws and hair, creates a barrier from the back seat to the front and provides additional cushion to protect your dog while they’re riding in the back seat area. You can find more information on many new, innovative vehicle products like these and tips for safer driving on

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