Practical Fashion Accessories for 2015

As stylists and designers all over the world try to come up with the next big trend in fashion, the rest of us are browsing through magazines and looking at boutique window displays to get some ideas on how to add pizzazz to our everyday wear. We can’t always buy new clothes all the time, but we can certainly upgrade our look using accessories. In 2015, the ‘in thing’ about accessories is practicality—what we wear should not only be aesthetically appealing but functional as well.

Smartwatches, lanyards, and tech-friendly gloves are just some of the items that have multiple uses. Here are other great examples of practical fashion must-haves for this year.

Wearable Technology

Also known as fashion electronics or fashionable technology, wearable tech is the next big thing. The most popular wearable tech items today are smartwatches that are wirelessly connected to a smartphone via Bluetooth. Smartwatches are capable of notifying users of incoming messages and calls as well as social media account notifications without users having to whip out their phones to check for updates. The Apple Watch could help make this a mainstream proposition.

Light-emitting diodes or LEDs have also been incorporated into clothing and fashion accessories. These items are making a statement on streets and dance floors, with performers sporting sequined gloves and jackets with flashing LEDs for greater visual impact. LEDs can be surface-mounted or sewn onto the fabric using a conductive thread.


A lanyard is not just used for holding an identification card around your neck and over your chest; it can also be used to bring publicity to a brand or business. A lanyard with a business or organization logo designed onto it will instantly help to promote your brand and if you make the logo/branding attractive enough it can well become a fashionable accessory. Lanyards are also inexpensive to produce, especially when you order in bulk, and can be given away to loyal customers as part of a marketing strategy or as part of a show or trade event.

Tech-friendly gloves

During periods of cold weather, having tech-friendly gloves is a must for smartphone and tablet lovers. These gloves have a special surface on the fingertip area that allows wearers to tap and swipe on their devices without risking losing a finger or two to the frosty conditions while texting. There are different kinds of tech-friendly gloves in the market today that would suit all outfits, from formal wear to casual and sporty ones. These combine fashion, comfort and technology to become a must-have accessory on three fronts.


There are times when carrying a handbag can be too cumbersome, especially when you’ll only be bringing a set of keys, your wallet, your phone, tissues, and your lip balm. Stuffing everything in the pockets of your jeans or trousers isn’t a good idea either, since there’s a tendency that your valuables can slip and fall off—aside of course from the unsightly bulge. Wristlets are the solution to this problem, as they are spacious enough for your stuff but small enough to be looped around your wrist. Choose a neutral color such as black, tan, or brown that you can use anytime, anywhere or go for a studded one to glam up your look.

These are just a few of the items on the market as customers increasingly look for accessories to perform practical and fashionable functions. What’s your favourite.

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