Promotional Gift Trends for a Female Audience

When running your business, solid marketing strategies and signs are vitally important to your success. This is where promotional items enter the picture as they help increase your exposure while making your customers feel good at the same time. After all, who wouldn’t enjoy getting something for free? In addition, your packaging should also be creative and appealing. Because of their flexibility, ldpe sheets are being used by several manufacturers in packaging their products. If you are primarily focusing on a female audience for your products or services, here are a few of the trending items from this page, that are sure to make a big impact in the upcoming year.


Smartphone Accessories

In these days where everyone has a smartphone, why not give your customers something to help them get more out of these devices? Your female clients will especially love the accessorising aspect here as they personalise their mobiles to reflect their needs. From portable speakers to protective cases, there is so much that you can supply. Another great aspect of these kinds of items is that they are highly visible whenever a customer takes a call. Tap into your female customers’ desire to personalise their belongings, making them feel more comfortable around your brand name at the same time. Remember that women can be as technological as men!

Drink Bottles

Water; it’s essential yet can cost the Earth if purchased at a corner store or supermarket. Because of this, promotional water bottles are now trending amongst the female target base, as no one wants to take a cheap, generic bottle to work. Instead, let them drink in style with some designer bottles and flasks with your logo emblazoned across the front. In this way, they can satisfy their thirst in a fashionable manner, giving your company added exposure in the process. Water bottles are also cheap to make too, meaning that this is a promotional item that will not cost you a fortune to manufacture.


As one of the heavyweights of free marketing, clothing continues to be a trendsetter this year, especially for female audiences. Women everywhere love the chance to dress up and look their best, so the savvy advertising guru knows how to tap into this. From promotional wristbands to Customised Windbreaker Printing, there are plenty of ways in which you can help your clients look amazing while boosting your corporate visibility at the same time. Also remember that there are plenty of different styles available here too, allowing you to give your customers both formal and casual items to wear and display while out and about.

Health & Body

Another mainstay of marketing material is the branded health and lifestyle product. From lip balms to shampoo, you have plenty of choice when it comes to providing your female market the items that they need for free. After this, you can guarantee that your brand will be seen on a regular basis. You can also put your logo on more permanent items such as compact mirrors, manicure sets and eye masks. These products are looking to be the next best thing when it comes to supplying gifts to your female audience in the future.

Bags & Purses

One final type of promotional item that is trending is the handbag, satchel or purse. This is a good idea for those looking to give their customers something special to show your appreciation for their purchases. By making a smart decision here, you will also guarantee yourself a better chance of exposure, since a well-designed handbag will be more likely to be used while out and about. While this product will cost a little extra, the added customer satisfaction and corporate visibility that you gain will certainly be worth it once your sales increase and profits skyrocket afterwards.

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