Reach for the celebrity look: get fit

Let’s face it – the majority of us will never be Marilyn Monroe, Elizabeth Hurley or Kim Kardashian. And if you want to get fit like Alexis Ren, you need to put in the work! A whole heap of us barely reach the attractiveness levels of Mickey Rourke. And yet, that doesn’t stop us trying.

There’s a beauty to the human spirit that means, even when something seems hopelessly out of reach, we’ll reach for it just the same. And with the right kind of beauty regime, you’ll find all that reaching isn’t for nothing.

If you’re able to maintain effective health and fitness, you’ll look a hell of a lot better. So, chuck out that junk food and feel the good looks that A-list health creates.

Be a clean machine

If you have the cleaning habits of a sodden tramp in a layby, then it’s no wonder you’re looking unhealthy. It might seem like an obvious statement, but keeping your cleaning schedule optimal can give you a positive outlook to improve your body’s vitality.

Start off with some natural shampoo and cleansing conditioner to ensure those follicles aren’t in a tangle, and try an all-natural body wash that doesn’t contain harmful lathering agents or chemicals.

Stay in the hydration game

Better skin isn’t all about moisturisers and creams, but factors far more natural factors. Drinking an optimal amount of water, for instance, will hydrate your skin to give it that healthy glow.

The average recommended amount of the clear stuff clocks in at around two litres, or around eight glasses a day. If you consume this amount daily, the water will lead to a better circulation of blood and, in turn, give you glowing skin. Green powders that include fiber keeps your stomach full for a longer time and can also help you lose weight.

Just make sure not to overdo it on H2O – drinking too much can lead to water intoxication and dilute the sodium levels in your bloodstream.

Stay healthy – stay active

What’s a Superfood Powder Blend? Can it help you be healthier? Inactivity is the friend of poor health and looks, and it’s a blight we face every day. Do you loll around on the settee after a hard day of work, or do you head out for a jog and feel the sweat dripping from your forehead?

If you want to look good, your answer should always be the latter. Regular exercise is exactly how the upper echelons of society look as good as they do – just look at the number of celebrity fitness regimes there are on the market.

Even a 30-minute session on the inversion table can help make the world of difference – and it might even put you a few notches above Mickey Rourke.

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