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Reality Check: Canvas Paintings Aren’t The Only Form Of Artistic Expression

If you were to ask a random individual on the street to name a famous piece of artwork 99% of the time they would name a famous painting. Most probably a painting by the likes of Vincent Van Gogh, Claude Monet or Pablo Picasso. This is because there is a common perception in society that art is canvas paintings and nothing else. Very little credibility is given to other forms of artistic expression even though there a plenty of them. The most probable reason to why this is so is because the art world is a very specialist sphere that not all too many people are interested in. If you are part of this sphere then you a likely to be aware of the many different forms of artistic expression. However, if you are not interested in art then you are unlikely to know about all the different kinds of artistic expression that exist.

This article will detail a number of different types of artistic expression you may not know about in order to show you that art is much more than canvas paintings.

Recycled Art

Things are being thrown away and recycled all the time and modern day artists have acknowledged this and incorporated it into their work. There are thousands of artists who use recycled materials and waste to create stunning pieces of artwork. For example Kyle Bean crafted a chicken out of used eggshells and Derek Gore is well known for the collages he creates out of used magazines. These are just two examples as there are many more artists that form similar types of artwork.


Whether you consider graffiti as an artistic expression is down to personal opinion. Nonetheless a lot of people do consider it an artistic form. Graffiti can range from name tags, pictures to stencils. One of the most famous graffiti stencil artists is Banksy. An English based artist who is well known for making political statements through his stencil work. It should be noted that not all graffiti is done in public places. There are many dedicated areas and art spaces where graffiti artists can display their work.

Wooden Prints

Wood has been used for art for many centuries and is still one of the most widely used forms of modern artistic expression. One of the most recent trends is wooden prints. This involves placing images on pieces of wood, which many artists believe signifies a convergence of nature and modern art. Many of these pieces of artwork are used as wooden signs as they indicate a little creativity as opposed to boring plastic signs.

Ice Sculptures

Sculptures have always been used for artistic expression. Historically it was only wood and stone that were used. However, rather recently ice has become a more widely used material for sculpting. But, because of the limited lifetime of ice sculptures they are mainly associated with extravagant events because they come at a high price. Regardless of this ice sculptures are usually incredibly breathtaking to look at.

So As You Can See…

There are many different forms of modern artistic expression. From collages, sculptures and furniture crafted from recycled materials to wooden signs produced by printing a photo onto a piece of wood. Canvas paintings are only one form of artistic expression.

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