Saving Money On a New Wardrobe

It can be very costly to have new clothes all the time and even more costly if you are buying clothes for a quickly growing child. Clothes don’t always have to cost an extreme amount but you have to know where to look and how to look.

Taking advantage of sales tax free week or weekend depending on the state can save hundreds of dollars. Generally this goes on the week before school starts or close to when people are shopping for school supplies and clothes. Saving that percentage in sales tax mean you save money immediately, or building savings in a banking account could really get you that extra dress. Clothing stores are generally mobbed during this time but without a doubt you can save money. These tax free weeks are generally combined with a back to school sale that drives down the price of everything even more.

Coupons can be a life saver for a parent or person who needs clothes but it short on money. There are websites like Groupon that have clothing and shoe store’s coupons like Payless and countless others. Not looking up to see if there is a coupon for 20 percent off purchases over a certain amount is unwise and can add up. All a person has to do is a simple Google search and millions of coupons for different companies and stores will come up.

Going to a second hand store can be embarrassing for some but it can save quite a lot of money. Stores like Oh Vintage Wholesaler often sell gently used clothing that can be just as stylish as new clothing. If your jeans were going to rip anyway then it couldn’t hurt to buy that tattered jeans at one of these places. Accessories are usually dirt cheap in these establishments so if you don’t find something to wear you can usually accessorize yourself on the cheap.

Clothes shopping can be quite costly but when done correctly it can be a great money saving experience. It isn’t always easy to find deals but if you look hard enough there might be a coupon or savings on something that you need today. Cutting the clothes bill can mean budget for other things in life or to pay off debts. Whatever you use the extra money for, it is better than spending it on overpriced clothes.

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