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Suiting and booting the little ones

Cross Body Bag in Their ClosetAs adults, it’s fun to get dressed up for a wedding, whether you’re in the party or a guest. Women can spend hours shopping for the right dress, shoes and accessories, and men may not spend as much time, but they certainly put a lot of consideration into their outfits. Suffice it to say, a great deal goes into creating a wedding-appropriate and chic look. Just as much time and care should also be applied when picking out wedding ensembles for your little ones. Then also get the absolute best wedding cars that you can and check these out for the very best wedding cars in Suffolk as we saw them recently and they were simply stunning.

With the wedding season starting to pick up, now is the time to put start putting together outfits for your kids. Unlike adults, children’s wedding attire is not as restricting, which means their outfits can be a little more whimsical. Whether your little one is a flower girl, the ring bearer or a guest, keep in mind some of these tips as you shop around for the perfect look.

Wedding Party Perfect

If your kids are part of the wedding party, it can be easier to pick out an outfit since the theme and colors are set. Traditionally, flower girls wear white dresses and ring bearers wear suits. Have the kids match by incorporating the wedding colors into their outfits. Girls can wear a little sash or headpiece, while boys can wear coordinating bow ties and vests.

Dress for the Time and Location

As with your attire, make sure the kids’ clothing is appropriate for the wedding location. If you are going to a destination wedding on a beach, then keep the attire light. Girls and boys should dress in lighter colors and breathable fabrics. Khakis and a tucked-in collared shirt are acceptable, so too are shorts if they are paired with a jacket and tie. If it is a black-tie, then of course, kids should be dressed in formal wear. Leading childrenswear sites sell designer kids clothes online that are perfect for formal and evening weddings.

Incorporate Color

Kids represent youth and vitality. They are charming and witty and have the ability to bring life to a party. Let girls wear bright colors and bold floral prints. For daytime weddings, avoid outfitting kids in dark colors like black and navy blue.

Prioritize Comfort and Fit

When it comes to dressing kids, comfort is essential. Make sure that their clothes fit well and enable them to move easily. Nothing is worse than a young boy wearing a suit that is too short and small. The most important part about dressing kids is to provide them with comfortable shoes. Have them break the shoes in beforehand so that they don’t get blisters.

Have Fun

Any gal knows that accessories are what make an outfit. Age-appropriate jewelry, a sparkling headpiece or a handbag can add a little pizzazz to an outfit and make your mini-me look adorable. When shopping, let your kids pick out some of their favorite pieces. The more they like it, the more excited they will be to wear it come the big day.

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