Swimwear Trends for this Summer

If you are like most other women around the country, you have started doing crunches every day to prepare for the advent of swimsuit season. Some people look forward to this time of year as a chance to show off their rockin’ bodies, while others spend hours searching for the perfect suit to camouflage their trouble spots. No matter where you are at in terms of height, shape, and size, the right swimwear is out there waiting for you and has a lot of options. Swimwear companies are also going green by producing Sustainable Luxury Swimwear so you can flaunt your beach bods while being eco conscious. Combine some of this year’s hottest trends with the strong points of your figure for a winning style poolside or at the beach.

One Piece

After being dominated by tiny bikinis for what seemed like decades, the one-piece swimsuit is back in a big way. This is welcome news for those who wish to hide problem tummy areas or love handles and devastating news for those with trouble areas on their upper thighs. If you fall into the latter category, fear not. All one pieces are not created equal, and the high-cut one-piece suits you may remember from your past have not reared their heads again. Many of the one-piece suits this year feature a longer, retro styling along the leg area, so give them a whirl. You might be surprised.

Retro Style

The thirties, forties, and fifties are in when it comes to swimwear trends. Designers have found a way to make these more modest, super feminine looks achieve a cutting edge style. Retro prints like polka dots will be all over the beach this year.

High-Waisted Bottoms

This look goes hand-in-hand with the new love for retro swim style. It is welcome news for those who have trouble spots on their lower tummies, but who still want to wear a bikini or show off a small waist. This style is tres chic when matched with one of the retro-styled, cap-sleeved bikini tops you will find on the rack this year.

Mis-Matched Bikinis

Gone are the day when your top and bottom had to match. This year, the runways and celebrity shots from paparazzi demonstrate the many ways that you can mismatch your bikini in style. Try a bold black-and-white striped top or bottom with a bright color. Or grab a beautiful print and play up one of the colors in it.

Cut-Out Swimsuits

Whether you opt for a one piece or a bikini, cut-outs rule this year. Use this trend to show off your best features and hide ones that you want to keep a secret. If you have a great shape, but a little trouble with tummy fat, go for a one piece that has cutouts on the sides.

Neon Colors

Whether they are part of a graphic print or standing alone, neons are here to stay–at least for this year. This trend works for all shapes and sizes. Even if you don’t feel comfortable in a highlighter-yellow one-piece (who would?), you can still pair a neon bikini top with a black bottom or you can wrap a neon-pink sarong around your striped swimsuit. Neon colors flatter many skin tones and add a touch of style, youth, and fun to your poolside attire, so even if usually modest swimwear is your thing, it might be a good choice to give them a shot!

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