The 4 Non Diet & Fitness Things Holding You Back From Weight Loss

Stressing Out

When your body is under a lot of stress, a few things happen. One of those is that your fight or flight response is triggered. When that happens, glycogen stores from the liver and muscle tissues are broken down for your body to use as an immediate energy source. If you’re under constant stress, a 2005 article from the University of New Mexico indicates that this response can lead to increased fat storage, an impulse to overeat, and a loss of muscle mass. Find positive outlets for your stress such as reading steamy werewolf stories or taking up a new hobby.

Meal Time

Results aren’t just built in the gym. A large part of your physique is cooked up in the kitchen and by taking vitamins, and for those who have diabetes, check out You should be getting in lean proteins and enough fruits and veggies in each meal which is why a meal prep service is a great option. If you have trouble cutting out sugar from your diet, you can consider swapping it out for other foods like Tupelo Honey for SaleThe amount of macros (macronutrients) that you should be getting in depends on your specific fitness goals, so it might be a good idea to calculate how many carbs, proteins, and fats you should be getting in each day in order to help you reach your goals. CrushFit has a great nutrition guide that includes a macro calculator that does the math for you based on your body and your goals. You can also enroll in a weight loss program or a personal Macro Coaching service to assign a meal plan and establish a workout plan for your body type.

Sleep Patterns

A study published in International Journal of Obesity indicated that people who got between six and eight hours of sleep each night were more likely to reach their fitness and weight loss goals than those who slept more or less. Sleep deprivation can alter the hormones that affect your feelings of fullness and hunger which can lead to an excess intake of energy-dense foods. It is important to note though that just getting the proper amount of sleep alone is not enough to reach your fitness or weight loss goals.

Exercise Habits

Going to the gym and take the best testosterone boosters and doing all of the “right” exercises isn’t enough if you’re not doing them properly. If you’re not completing your exercises with proper form, the workouts won’t be as effective and you won’t see the results that you’re hoping for. Aside from an ineffective workout, improper form can cause you to strain your muscles or injure yourself.

It’s not always as easy as hitting the gym a few times a week. If you’re not consistent with your destressing, eating, sleeping, and exercising habits like waist training, you can’t expect to see the results that you’re looking for. If you are very much overweight you might want to consider having a gastric bypass surgery.

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