The Different Types of Ladies Boots

Every woman needs to own a great pair of boots. The trouble is, when you’re heading out on that much needed shoe-shopping spree, which style are you going to go for? With several different types of ladies boot on the high-street, you need to find out which boot will really suit you. The best way to do is this is to have fun trying them all on, but if you want to save time, here’s a guide to the different fits:

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Ankle Boot

Let’s start with ankle boots, a classic boot styling that can be found in pretty much every female wardrobe, it’s an easy-to-wear option that goes with everything! Originally designed to be worn beneath trousers, the 80’s saw that all change when the catwalks were awash with ankle boots teamed with dresses and short skirts. Ankle boots fit as you’d imagine, around the ankle, meaning your ankle itself is usually on show above the top of the boot. When trying on ankle boots, wear with opaque tights which will give the illusion of longer legs.

Knee High Boot

Another popular boot is the Knee high boot, which stops just below or above the knee. They are extremely practical and warm, and can be worn under a skirt/dress or over jeans. Knee high boots usually come in a leather finish, though suede is another nice choice. If you’re going for a knee high boot, the typically high price will mean you’ll want them to go with as many outfits as possible; choose a pair in black, brown, or tan. There are a lot of color and style choices when you opt for Italian Boots For Women.

Thigh High Boot

Thigh high boots are only for the brave, and definitely not something that will work on every figure. When you think of thigh highs, you’re probably conjuring up images of Julia Roberts in ‘Pretty Woman’, but this style of boot doesn’t need to be provocative. Choose sophisticated suede instead of the overdone leather look, and try wearing over skinny jeans or leggings to give a softer layered finish. As thigh high boots make such a statement, try to keep the rest of your outfit muted. This includes make-up. Let the boots, and the new found confidence they give you, speak for themselves.

Cowboy Boot

When you need a boot with a casual vibe, cowboy boots are a brilliant choice! These stylish replica Western shoes look as suitable with jeans and a tee as they do a mini skirt. Their informal nature gives you the opportunity to play around with accessories too; floral hair pieces and elegant jewellery can bring a feminine touch to this masculine boot design. The nicest cowboy boots are usually vintage but if you’re looking for a cheaper option, go for a well-worn look on the high-street. Cowboy boots can be pricey, but you get what you pay for: real leather is longer lasting.

Hi-top Boot

When you want a boot and trainer in one, opt for a hi-top lace-up boot. Think Converse. Hi-top boots are a popular casual option available in most high street stores at the moment. If you want comfort and style on a night out, hi-tops also come in a wedged designed which gives you the support of a trainer but the glamour of a heel.

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