The Need to Avoid Being Too Gimmicky When Doing a Proposal

You might have seen a lot of YouTube videos about fascinating proposals. Some men have gone through a lot just to pull off a big surprise. Flash mobs have become very common. This is where the groom joins a group of people dancing in unison before asking the girl to marry him.

Others surprise their partner by playing their video inside the cinema. Some others take the risk and decide to go live on television when doing their proposal. There were successful proposals, while others were a major disaster.

Just recently, someone decided to propose by a waterfall, when suddenly the ring fell and it was never found. There have also been those who were publicly humiliated because they got a big ‘no’. Some of them were captured on live TV. You can only imagine how embarrassing it was for the man to have received rejection in front of millions of people watching. Not to mention the millions more who can view the video on YouTube.

Keep it simple

This means that being too gimmicky when proposing does not always work. Yes, the effort is highly appreciated, but it doesn’t always end well. Why would you go for that kind of proposal when you can keep it simple?

Some men do public proposals because they want to impress a lot of people. At the end of the day, there is only one person who needs to be impressed, and that’s your partner. A dinner reservation is enough to make it a special moment. If not, try cooking dinner and proposing at home. The point is that you are sincere in asking for her hand in marriage. She definitely can’t say no to it.

There have been some women who could have said ‘yes’ during the proposal, but they were too embarrassed because of the public involvement. Again, proposing to someone should be an intimate moment. She should say ‘yes’ because she feels like she is marrying the right person and not because she is pressured into saying ‘yes’. Take note that the number of people watching you proposing to her will put her in a very awkward position.

Go all out on the ring

For a successful engagement, don’t forget to buy the best diamond engagement rings. Sometimes, a beautiful ring is more than enough for her. It makes her feel special. Imagine giving her a sparkling diamond ring with a fascinating cut. She will surely fall in love with it.

The goal is for her to say ‘yes’. There’s no need to make it grand just to get a positive response. You must know her well to understand that she is a simple woman who wants nothing else but to cherish your love for one another.

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