These are the Things A Well Dressed Man Wears

All men who want to be looked at as well dressed must take the time to discover the guidelines for what to do to be considered fashionable. Many will argue that the guidelines seem at times pretty loose and that it is difficult to tell when you truly are fashionable. Also styles change so quickly it is tough to get a gauge on what is the hot style at the moment.

But the style lines are definitely there and sometimes you do not know you have gone outside of them until you are well on the other side. The key is to make yourself constantly aware of the current style elements and to keep abreast of things so you know when changes occur. But also to understand that there are some things that are consistently in fashion no matter what specific style is winning the day. By adhering to these looks you will always have your style foundations in place. Here are some of the core style elements to always include in your wardrobe.

Custom Tailored Suits

A custom tailored suit sits at the center of any fashionable man’s wardrobe. The amount of work that goes into creating and delivering this integral part of a fashionable wardrobe gives an indication of its importance. A custom tailored suit begins with a design that is articulated by the customer and then realized by a professional tailor who designs and then manufactures by hand the suit. Another option is adding lapel pins on your suit to enhance your attire. The best tailors are always abreast of the latest styles so they can include elements and offer input on certain design ideas that make the suit stylish. It is then hand tailored to fit properly the size and shape of the customer and to be both flattering and elevating.

The suit fabric and accents if any are also be selected based on the desires and needs of the customer. Perhaps the customer prefers a tweed suit or a solid black one for special occasions. Maybe the lapels need piping or the buttons have to stand out. If you’re looking for the perfect accessories to go with your suit, has unique neckties, pocket squares, lapel pins, and more! Each detail is considered and included making the suit unique and wholly custom. The end result is a suit that is built to fit extremely well and that makes the wearer look fashionable and smart.

Hand Made Shirts

Until you purchase a hand tailored shirt, you will not appreciate how much they contribute to a stylish wardrobe. When you purchase a custom shirt, you can select the exact fabric you love. Perhaps you want Egyptian cotton, linen, or even a blend that is resistant to wrinkling. You can decide on a tight or loose fit, or one in between and pick your preferred collar. You have as many options with the cuffs. In other words, you can design the perfect custom shirt. Best yet, as styles change, you can modify the shirt to fit the new looks.

The style basics for any man is to add custom tailored elements to his wardrobe. They are more expensive than off the rack clothing, but they look great and make everything else he is wearing look better and really increases his style.

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