Three Meaningful Gifts That Keep on Giving

Sometimes, you’re looking for that perfect gift. It’s your wedding anniversary, the birthday of someone you love dearly, or a Christmas you want your whole family to remember. And so, a “normal” gift isn’t going to cut it: you want something that will keep on reminding the recipient of your love and thoughtfulness for years to come. If this sounds like your objective, then here are three meaningful ways to treat someone that will just keep on making them happy year after year.


Memorable Experiences


This might sound rather vague, but at the same time, it’s going to be heavily specific to your loved one. An experience is something that could help them progress in life – like buying them those singing classes they’ve always wanted. It could be something they’ve always wanted to do but felt was too indulgent to buy for themselves – like climbing a mountain or swimming with dolphins. Or it could be something you do together.


For the latter, a romantic vacation abroad with your partner is something that you’ll always be able to look back on with fondness. Likewise, learning to do skills together – like scuba diving, paragliding, or horse riding – is something that, once it’s under your belts, you can do whenever you vacation in the future. Such gifts are always deeply appreciated.


A Loving Pet


If you’re at that stage in life where you’re settled, your career feels like it’s heading in the right direction, and you’re financially stable, a pet could be a beautiful gift for your partner. It’s equally a brilliant gift for aging parents or for your family at Christmas. You’ll know your loved ones enough to know whether it’s a cat, a dog, or something less common that they’d most appreciate. Check out AmericanListed and see what pet you could give to your partner.


Whatever you end up choosing as a pet, you’ll be able to head over to to find your local one-stop shop for all the pet supplies you’ll need. Buy the whole package: pet, food, toys, equipment. That way, when you present this gift that will keep on giving for well over a decade, you’ll be ready to hit the ground running at new pet owners.




The word “subscription” hardly seems like a romantic or meaningful present. But buying someone a subscription – be it to Netflix, to a club, or to a monthly periodical – is the definition of a gift that keeps on giving. It’s a financial commitment that few make for themselves but feels brilliant when someone does it for you.


And subscriptions can take many, many forms. You can subscribe to become a member of a local yachting association so that you can always take a boat onto the waters. You can subscribe to any manner of media organization so that you always have your favorite films, books, podcasts, and music on demand. Or you can subscribe to physical places, like social clubs, to enhance your social life and create memories with your loved ones. Again, such gifts keep on giving, rewarding the recipient monthly.


To give a gift that keeps on giving over the months and years ahead, consider one of these three key categories. They’ll help show your love and thoughtfulness not just once but hundreds of times into the future.

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