Three Things Every Fashion Diva Needs To Own

Whether or not you’ve reached diva status, you want to look good and look confident. Diva may sometimes be loud and over-the-top, but you can get the look without getting the attitude.

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If you want to look confident and sophisticated, there are just a few things you want to have in your closet and in your jewelry box. These three things will ensure that you always look like you took hours to get ready and that you care about your style.


The Statement Necklace


2015 is the year of the statement necklace. This big bold look may not be for everyone, but it will definitely make you stand out if you want to.


The quintessential thing defining the statement necklace is that it is chunky. A statement necklace can be any color and any design, but it must have a big chunky look that really makes a statement, hence its name.


Your statement necklace will quite possibly be the first thing people notice about you, so pick one that really speak to you and defines who you are. It doesn’t matter if it has a gold chain or silver, that’s all up to your own taste. And don’t be afraid to pick a contrasting color that really pops with your outfit.


The Fur


Every bold and sassy lady needs a fur. The fur look gives you a regal touch. It makes you feel cozy and loved.


While we are in the warm months a fur coat may be the last thing on your mind, and while Henig Furs, with five generations in the business, reminds us that cold season is fur season, there are choices that can be worn all year.


Look for a great fur vest, or even a fur belt, to really finish off your outfit. These can be worn out during the day, whether you are hiking or just out shopping, and just as easily transition to the night life.


The Right Pants


Last, but not least, are the pants you wear. Your pants can say a lot about you, so make sure you leave the sweats and yoga pants at home if you aren’t working out. Instead, look for what’s in style.


If you want to go casual, you may be surprised that the ripped jean made so popular in the 80s is now back in style. While they may be missing the acid washed look, they still give you an edgy style.


Is you are looking for something more dressy, opt for a pair of beige or navy trousers in a more classic look. Pick a tight leg over something too loose and you’ll look like you belong in a high class office.

If you have at least one of each of these pieces in your wardrobe this year you are sure to always look great. Your friends will envy your style.

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