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Tips for choosing the right lingerie for you

Finding lingerie that really flatters you isn’t just about spending more money or following fashion. To make sure you look good, you’ll have to find something that suits your body type. The good news is that there’s something out there for every kind of shape—and the more you understand about design for different bodies, the easier it will be to find the right lingerie for you.

Know your body shape

Although we’re all different heights and we carry different amounts of fat, just a few basic body shapes apply to the majority of women. Round (or ‘apple shaped’) bodies are those where fat is stored in the middle, around the waist. Triangular (or ‘pear shaped’) bodies are narrow at the shoulders and wider around the hips. Classic hourglass figures have evenly proportioned shoulders and hips and curve in at the waist. Different kinds of lingerie look best on each body shape. Once you know what you need, start looking around in the mall or shop for the plus sized lingerie of your dreams.

Round bodies

With a body like this, you want to draw attention away from the waist and focus on the breasts or legs. Babydoll gowns can be a great choice, especially if they’re paired with push-up bras. Bustiers can also emphasize the breasts to dramatic effect, as can corsetry. If you have a lot of belly fat, try a medieval-style corset that will make you look great without feeling uncomfortable. If you have less, a Victorian-style corset or a girdle can help to define your waist and push that fat into more flattering places. Meanwhile, a sexy pair of stockings can draw attention to your legs.

Triangular bodies

With a figure of this type, don’t worry about hiding your hips or buttocks, which can be presented very attractively, but keep that presentation simple—a pair of briefs, for instance, without much fancy trim like the ones found at This is because you’ll want to draw the eye upwards to balance out your look. Seek out bras with plenty of uplift and with more dramatic trim, such as lace or bows, to make your breasts stand out. If you’re feeling really bold, you can coil a feather boa around your shoulders for extra impact. Avoid the temptation to pair items above and below the waist, as this can make you look out of proportion.

Hourglass figures

Hourglass figures have been so celebrated that you might think they’re easy to dress, but in fact it’s easy to make a body like this look too angular, even when it has a good bit of natural padding. To present it at its best, choose garments that emphasize height, such as seamed stockings and long line corsets, or opt for slips that flow over your curves—silk or satin usually look most alluring. Don’t overload your figure with accessories like lace trim or garters, but let your lingerie emphasize your natural assets.

Whatever you wear, make sure it’s something you feel good in, because ultimately there’s nothing sexier than confidence. If you’re excited about your new look, that in itself will make you more desirable.

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