Trendy Jocks

Sport and fashion are not always two areas that have seen eye to eye in the past.. However, recently a whole wave of contemporary runway designers have been launching seasonal luxe sportswear ranges that are slowly beginning to filter down to the masses. There is just the slight problem of finding these items, making sure that they are fit for purpose and incorporating them with your existing active wear to form a sports wardrobe that’s as individual as you are.

So if you’re a fashion conscious sportsperson, where do you go for the latest looks? Check out this easy three step plan to get the results you want.

Surf that Web

The internet is an amazing tool for researching enabling you to process lots of information at an incredible pace. From a shoppers perspective this translates as roughly one hour surfing being equivalent to visiting three or potentially even more shopping malls. This fast turnaround enables you to search in unusual places for items, potentially discovering a hidden goldmine like this awesome range of sporty sunglasses from a skateboarding shop.

Perhaps you wouldn’t have ventured in on the high street before, but now you know they also sell other items you may be interested.

Hit the High street

The next best bet for those key sports pieces is to hit the high street. However, you need to look in a whole range of shops and not just stick to those that are your old favourites. A key part of your shopping trip needs is to visit chain shops of mass production such as Primark or New Look where runway trends are quickly translated and churned out to the general public at reasonable prices.

Some pieces you can pick up so cheaply that you can experiment a bit more freely with your style allowing you to develop your look in a more exciting and individual way.

Rummage Through

Despite my earlier comments about horrific past sportswear there are still some retro trends that just can’t be replicated. For example, a low cut halter neck fifties swimsuit just scream class but could not be found in most high street or internet stores. For these one off pieces you need to get your rummaging head on and visit second hand retailers. Think charity shops, vintage stops, house clearance outlets, markets and car boot sales. Be aware that this is time consuming as most pieces you look at won’t necessarily interest you.

However, when you find that one piece that rocks your world and you know no one else will have it makes it all worthwhile.

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