Very Simple Tips To Choose Men Watches

Every single man out there is interested in making a very good first impression. This is important in all walks of life. Maybe you need to go to an interview or you go out on a date. No matter the situation, it is always great to properly dress for success.

Nobody can deny the fact that the very first impression is normally influenced by the accessories and clothes you choose. Not many fashion accessories are used by men though. The watch is basically one of the few that allow a complete showcase of personality. Just take a look at the Cat Watches by Caterpillar. This is the type of statement one can make, similarly with what women wear, although they do have access to more opportunities.

Basically, the worn watch will tell people some things about you. At the end of the day, you do not want it to be a distraction. The watch needs to look great and make that perfect first impression. In order to achieve just that, here are some tips to consider.

Always Choose Reputable Brands

Avoid wearing the cheap generic watches you find at discount stores. This is something that should go without saying but many men try to save money. Keep in mind that you do not normally wear many accessories so what you do end up wearing is something that should count. Stick to the dress watches that are coming from the really reliable brands like Citizen, Apple, Pulsar or Seiko. Then also remember that Apple have some brilliant smart watches for kids so have a look at those if you feel your little ones deserve a smart watch too.

Conservative Watch Designs Are Normally Best

In most cases, you will want to avoid the really flashy watches. In a professional office and when you go to a job interview you should not really stand out because of the bling you have. The watch should never take focus off credentials and all the rest. Sport watches and casual watches are very good for when you simply go out but these are not wonderful options as you are working in professional settings or for job interviews.

As a very simple example, in the event you wear a conservative suit that looks great, you want to also wear conservative dress watches in order to perfectly match.

Consider Normal-Sized Watch Cases

If you want to wear a watch that is classy and conservative at the same time, be sure that you choose one with a diameter between 37 and 42 millimeters. Be sure that you go for a thickness of under 15 millimeters and never forget about the importance of fit. The watch you choose should perfectly fit right under cuffs when you wear long sleeved shirts. When you go for a thickness of 25 and a width of 57, it is normally really inappropriate because the size is too much.

Don’t Forget About Color Coordination

The last thing that needs to be mentioned is that it is quite important to coordinate the watch with clothing and with other accessories you might be wearing. As an example, when the watch has brown strap, try to wear brown shoes and brown belt.

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