Want to Make Your Watch Look Better? Try Changing These Parts

Apart from telling time, watches serve now as accessories that highlight the fashion look that we show. Much like bracelets, watches beautify our plain arms with their various colours and parts. They come at a high price because of their unique function and beauty. Some even cost millions of pounds, while some only a few pounds. But those that feature diamonds and gold are sold at a high price.

Nonetheless, people still have the desire to buy them. When your watch is broken or damaged, you don’t have to discard it right away. There are watch repair professionals that can bring your watch back to its former glory. Now, for those who can’t truly afford such expensive watches, you can instead change the parts to make them look better. Listed here are elements that you can start replacing.


Apart from the main body of the watch, the strap is also essential. With this feature, people pay much attention to the strap first when scrutinising a watch. So, in spicing up your look, you can change the colour of your strap. If you want to look more masculine or dominant, you can go for black. If you’re going for a sweet look, you can go for yellow. You can also change the composition of the strap. You can choose from various materials: leather, metal, plastic, and even wood. Your local watch seller can help you attach your selected strap, so there is nothing more to worry about.


The buckle secures the watch on your wrist, but apart from that, it can also add to your desired look. Small as they are, buckles can get neglected by watch users, allowing them to be damaged in numerous ways: scraping, hitting and scratching. If destroyed, the whole look gets uglier. To prevent this, you can replace your old buckle with a new one made out of different material. With online shops like those where you can purchase an Omega buckle, or offline like in your local shops, you can search for new fasteners and let the sellers attach them for you.


The frame or the body of the watch can accentuate your dress or suit. Much like other parts, they have different colours that you can mix and match with the buckle and strap. Sometimes, the frames include a particular feature like being waterproof and being packed with small solar panels. Choosing its composition becomes more important; not only for its design but for its function.

Nowadays, people pay attention even to the little accessories that you wear to make your look special aside from your clothes. With this thinking, watches now serve a vital role in making you look more fashionable than ever. You can change the colour of its parts and match the watch with the colour of your look. You can even change the material of the watch’s components, giving your look another meaning. Nonetheless, however you want to look should always be your decision, and not that of other people – at the end of the day, it is still your style.



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