Where Should You Have Injections to Get Rid of Wrinkles?

Botox has quickly become the most popular type of cosmetic procedure available today. It is a proven to be safe and effective option for a range of conditions, not all of them cosmetic. However, it is now best known as one type of anti wrinkle treatments.

The problem most find here is that people think all Botox is treated equally and they simply go to Botox Orange County professionals asking for Botox without thinking about where, how and when. Let’s take a look, therefore, at the various options that are out there.

Good Areas for Botox

  • Number 11, or frown lines between the eyebrows, which become visible when you frown.
  • Crow’s feet, which come out of the corners of the eyes.
  • Smile lines, between the corner of the mouth and the nose.
  • Smoker’s lines, which can be seen around the lips, running vertically.

The botox treatment works by relaxing the muscles underneath the skin. As such, it does not actually make the skin younger. Rather, it stops the muscles from moving so that they no longer show the wrinkles. This movement is known as ‘motion stress’ and when the muscles are stopped from doing that, the lines start to disappear. The younger your skin is, the quicker this botox injection treatment works.

The best place to use botox on is in the area where there is a lot of activity in the muscles. At the same time, however, they cannot be the important expression muscles, because this can make the face look ‘frozen’.

Bad Areas for Botox

Botox does not work on:

  • Smile and marionette lines, which can cause the face to droop without actually addressing those lines.
  • Lax or sagging skin. Skin tightening, through laser or infrared, is more suitable to address this type of problem.
  • Wrinkles that must be stretched or removed. Wrinkles only go because the muscles relax, which isn’t permanent.
  • Eye throughs, sunken cheeks and hollow areas cannot be treated with Botox. If this is what you are looking for, then dermal fillers like the ones on may be a better option, as is laser skin resurfacing.

You may also have heard of ‘jaw line contouring’, which is an off label treatment for which Botox is used. While this is an effective way to make people who have a ‘square’ jaw have a different look, it is not actually suitable for everybody. In fact, it only works for people of Asian descent and those who have very strong chewing, or masseter, muscles. Botox can stop these muscles from working as strongly, giving a softer appearance to the jaw itself.

Clearly, if you are considering botox injections as a method to get rid of your wrinkles, you do have to first consult a dermatology expert or someone who specializes in botox treatment and is qualified to deliver it. You can also consider looking for some providers like SculpMD – Cosmetic Injectables that can help you. Generally speaking, crow’s feet, surprise lines and frown lines are the best candidates for botox. However, there are exceptions. Hence, make sure you don’t have unrealistic expectations in terms of what the results of your treatment will be.

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