Why Do You Pay Different Prices for Different Luxury Car Services?

We live in difficult financial times and people continue to think very hard about the money they spend and look for value for money in everything. When they look for limousine services, classed as a luxury expense, this is no difference. However, what they will find is that prices vary greatly when it comes to hiring a limo. In fact, some cost as little as $50, and others as much as $500. So how is this possible? It is actually due to various reasons.

The Price Differences in Limousine Services

One of the biggest determining factors in limousine prices is what you need it for (see this article for more info.)

For business purposes, for instance, the limo would need to look very professional and sleek. For a prom, by contrast, the limo would need a lot of pizazz as well. Hence, business limos tend to be more affordable than the prom counterparts. A limo rental for prom tends to have flashy lights and elaborate decorations, and these cost a lot more. During prom season, everybody wants a limo, so prices go up quite a bit. When demand is up, prices go up with it. Generally speaking, specialty events like the Super Bowl, NASCAR and weddings, tend to be more expensive. If you are looking for luxury tucks for rent, visit this bucket truck rental catalog.

Another important factor is the actual services that come with your limo. You may, for instance, want a full bar and champagne on arrival. You may also want a photography service included, and free WiFi on board. All of these aspects influence the cost and also demonstrate why you need to do some research into the limousine you actually want, or in different services like yellowcab and Uber, if you have one of these services, and need car insurance there are great services to find at online.

Then, there is the vehicle model itself. Older vehicles tend to be cheaper, unless they are collectors’ models. A Lincoln Town Car, for instance, will cost a lot less than a Hummer H3 limousine. The year the vehicle was developed in is also of influence. A 2009 Lincoln Town Car will be more expensive than a 2000 Lincoln Town Car. Hence, you also have to think about exactly which version of the vehicle you want when you hire a limo. After all, if you simply say you want a Lincoln Town Car, you may end up with something much older and less modern than you had initially thought.

Finally, there is the limo’s size. Generally speaking, larger limos come with very reasonable prizes. However, truly huge stretch limos will be more expensive. A Lincoln Town Car tends to be around half the price of a 14 to 16 seater Hummer, for instance.

If you want a vehicle that is able to hold a lot of people, as well as a newer model, as well as additional services and during high season, you will have to be prepared to pay quite a bit for the privilege. You should also keep in mind to carry a car scissor lift to do any repair need while you are on the road. 

The prices of limousines vary greatly. However, if you know what your needs are and what the occasion is and if you plan ahead, you will find that you can have a memorable experience at an affordable price.

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