Why Millennial Women Are Attracted to Older Men

For years and years, there has been a long running joke that men would reach a certain age and then start ‘trading in’ their lifelong partner for a newer, younger version. Although there was often some truth to this, the same thing appears to be trending today, but with one major difference. Although older men are still ‘caught’ dating younger women, it appears as though it’s the woman who is actually the one seeking older guys, of you are looking for a partner no matter the age, click the next link to a hookup site can help you with it. There is a growing trend among millennial women in which an older guy is seen as being sexier and much more attractive. Here are some of the reasons why.

An End to the Me Generation

Gone is the Me Generation where life was a game and everything was based on what it meant to ‘me.’ Is this something that appealed to me? Will I have fun with it and be entertained? Previous generations were in tune with the needs of others, the needs of a nuclear family. But with the ‘Me Generation’ everything was about themselves. This soon got old and the younger millennials are seeking relationships that are stable and much more ‘other centred.’

Stability in Life

One of the biggest concerns with millennial women is whether or not a man is stable and can provide for a family. Does he own a home and a car? Many men from the past generation never bothered to own a car and preferred public transport as it was cheaper and less hassle than taking a driving test and buying a vehicle. Why bother studying online, practicing the driving theory tests online and then taking the actual time to pass the theory written test and then take the practical driving test?

Here’s a piece of advice for young men looking to attract the ladies: get a driving license! You can get more information on the Toptests website, as well as mock theory tests to help you pass. Start today and before you know it you will be passing your exams and out there buying a car. Women really do like men who exhibit stability in their lives from having a home to owning a personal vehicle.

Men with a Focus on Sustainable Living

With so much controversy abounding in regards to what we are doing to planet earth, many millennial women want a man in their life who cares about something more than his own possessions. Yes, it’s important to be stable with a home and a car, but it is equally (if not more!) important to consider the impact you are having on the ecology. A millennial woman isn’t as concerned about finding a man with a designer car as she would be finding a man with a hybrid or environmentally friendly electric car.

So to put it all in perspective, millennial women prefer older men because they tend to be more stable and care about things greater than themselves. Older men have had time to play the field and are now buckled down to working and making an impact on the world in which they live. Find older men at millionairedating guide. That is what impresses a millennial woman so if you are a young guy looking to compete with those ‘old’ men in their late thirties and throughout their forties, it’s time to live a stable lifestyle. That will impress her more than the most expensive designer clothes or accessories. You might not be older but you sure can be wiser and that is the most attractive feature of all. You might find the one for you at, a vegan dating site.

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