Winter workout fashion trends

Working out in summer is such fun. Jogging with the warm breeze in your hair, swimming lengths at the lido, tai chi on a sandy beach – what’s not to like? There are so many great reasons for working out in the warmer seasons; not only is the weather glorious, but you are keeping yourself in great physical condition. With a wardrobe full of running shorts and crop tops, your summer body is on constant display; meaning motivation is at an all-time high.

Then along comes winter. Dark cold mornings and evenings combine to rub the shine off your exercising zeal; but not for long. Once you catch sight of some of the awesome winter workout gear that’s trending, all thoughts of canceling your date with the gym in favor of a pizza on the sofa are forgotten.

You don’t actually have to venture outside in winter to exercise, and if you choose to limit your sessions to the gym, you won’t have to alter your apparel that much. However, if you get a kick out of bright blue winter skies, frost-covered trees and December sunsets, then it’s good to know you can venture out in style.

Winter workout fashion this season is all about the combination of hi-tech fabrics developed to give the edge in areas of comfort, performance and, most importantly, style. When the temperature drops, layering exercise clothing is important so that you can peel off and cover up as you need. Choose a combination of loose and tight-fitting styles fashioned from breathable lightweight fabrics that allow moisture to evaporate easily.

On-trend winter weather gear focuses on long sleeved tops, high necklines, hoodies and zip tops, scarves, full length leggings, beanie hats and gloves that ensure hot looks without actually overheating. Smart fabrics that wick away moisture, repel odors and protect against UV light are what the celebrities and serious fitness fans are wearing this winter. Pick up stylish sportswear at as well as kit such as compression socks and other support gear to help you keep as active and competitive as you can. The colors to get you moving this winter feature workout ensembles in metallic grays and blacks as well as grape, teal, violet and turquoise. If you really want to power along in high gear, this season’s trendy tonal tip is top-to-toe orange. Of course, high-visibility reflective gear that helps pick you out at night is also wise, as well as looking sharp as anything.

You know all those gorgeous Hollywood celebrities with the iron abs, steel buttocks and gazelle-like physiques that we all envy? Well, they actually achieve and maintain their bodies by working out. Who knew?! They can’t stop exercising in wintertime; they’d lose their firmness and fitness. They may even sweat a little sometimes too. You should feel comforted that you are in good company, perspiring through the dark months with the A-listers, fighting the urge to give up and go home to some doughnuts. Be proud for sticking with the program and reward yourself with some stunning new winter workout threads to help you keep focused and fresh until summer returns.

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